Dr. Michael Egertsen provides podiatric, or foot and ankle surgery, care at Atlantic Medical Center and Cass County Memorial Hospital. Many patients are cared for in the clinic using a combination of medications and exercise therapies. For those with more complex issues, Dr. Egertsen also performs a wide range of surgical procedures.
Our Physical Therapy team includes five physical therapists and four physical therapy assistants. Our team works with patients of all ages, and they treat patients for a number of issues including: injuries & pain, balance deficits, sports injuries, joint replacements, pediatric delays, and post-concussion (return-to-sport) treatment.

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PET scans use radioactive materials to show how tissues and organs are functioning and are typically used during cancer treatment. PET Scans are available on a mobile basis through Shared Medical Services.

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Home visiting program for parents who are pregnant or have children up to kindergarten entry. Child developmental screenings, parenting education, car seat installation instruction, and group connections provided as part of the program.

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Chronic pain affects more than 40 million Americans according to the National Institutes of Health.

Many who fail to respond to conventional treatments continue to suffer with no end in sight. Chronic pain can evolve into a disability that affects the daily activities and attitude of both the person affected and their loved ones. Some long-time sufferers withdraw from activities that once gave them joy, and become depressed, angry, and helpless.

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