Weight Management Program

Are you ready to lose weight & improve your health?

The Weight Management Program at Cass Health is ready to help you meet your goals.

We have two paths you can consider: Medical Weight Loss and Weight Loss Surgery.

Weight Management Team

About Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Weight Loss team will meet with you to discuss your goals, understand your health history, and create a plan with you to help you lose weight. Some of the things we’ll discuss include:

  • Nutritional changes
  • Physical activity
  • Developing healthy habits
  • Medications that may help

New Cass Health patients will have one initial appointment with Mary Robinson, PA-C and then may choose to follow-up with our Registered Dietitian, Sarah Andersen. Patients typically have follow-up appointments over the course of the next year.

About Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. William Rizk performs gastric sleeve surgeries at Cass Health. Simply put, this surgery reduces your stomach to about 20% of its original size. By reducing the size of your stomach, your calorie intake is greatly reduced, and your hormones that cause increased appetite will also diminish.

Patients are generally eligible for surgery if they have a BMI of 35 or more, or a minimum of 30 with a pre-existing health condition.

We encourage all patients considering weight loss surgery to call and talk with our Program Coordinator for more information and to see if you may be a candidate. Or, join us for a free informational class; use the link on this page to register.

Not sure where to start?

We understand you'll have questions and concerns about medical weight loss and weight loss surgery. We encourage all patients to take the first step by talking with our Program Coordinator at (712) 243-7535.


Informational Classes

Next Class: Date Coming Soon!

If you're ready to learn more about gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. William Rizk, please check back soon for an update on when our next evening informational class will be held.

Have questions? Please call us at 712-243-7535.

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