Visitors are Good Medicine

General Visiting Information

  • It is the expectation that family and visitors are free of communicable disease and comply with infection control regulations and other Cass Health policies and procedures.
  • Free valet parking is available Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please see the attendants at the Main Entrance.
  • For weekend or evening visits, please use the Emergency Department entrance.

Visitors & Support Persons for Hospital Patients

  • There are no restrictions on the number of visitors for patients.
  • The Emergency Department (ED) allows up to two visitors/support persons to stay with an ED patient. Additional visitor restrictions may apply as determined by the patient care team.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and other specialty care areas may have additional visitor-specific guidelines.


Masks are not required for patients, visitors, and healthcare staff in public or patient settings, regardless of vaccination status. Please note that:

  • Individuals may choose to wear masks.
  • Regulatory mandates will supersede any relaxation in masking requirements.
  • All staff and providers who are asked by a patient to wear a mask are expected to do so.
  • This does not apply to isolation requirements for other purposes, including patients, staff, and visitors in respiratory, droplet, airborne, or contact isolation, and employee health return-to-work requirements.

Additional Information

  • Patients receiving end-of-life care as determined by the care team may be an exception to the policies above.
  • Additional exceptions may be discussed with the facility’s administrative team or infection prevention experts.
  • Family or visitor presence may be limited during times of seasonal and/or transmissible illness in the community.


Cass Health is Smoke & Tobacco Free

As a healthcare organization, we are responsible not only for the treatment of disease but for taking steps to promote the prevention of illnesses and injuries as well.  Furthermore, as a healthcare leader, it is Cass Health’s mission to set the standard and demonstrate healthy lifestyles for the communities in which Cass Health serves. Tobacco use is widely recognized as a major preventable cause of many diseases in smokers and nonsmokers alike.  As Cass Health is committed to providing a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive environment for all who visit or work in and around our facilities, Cass Health has been designated as a tobacco-free institution. The success of the policy will depend upon the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of all tobacco users and non-users alike.

Smoking or otherwise using tobacco or tobacco-like products (including, but not limited to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes, snus, etc.) on our property is prohibited.  This includes any emerging tobacco product or simulated smoking device.

This includes all buildings, areas maintained, grounds, parking lots, ramps, sidewalks, etc. owned or leased or maintained by Cass Health.

There are no designated smoking areas within any Cass Health facility or on any grounds.