Student Clinical and Shadowing Experiences

Thank you for your interest in completing a clinical rotation or shadowing experience with Cass County Health System!

We are currently not taking Clinical or Shadowing requests for the Atlantic Medical Center due to our upcoming remodel project.

Student Clinical Rotation

Please submit an official request form via the link. Once you submit your form, it will be sent to Kat Niemann, Communications Specialist to review. Once your request has been approved by the appropriate department, Kat will reach out to you and your program director (if applicable) to arrange your clinical rotation.

Please note your clinical rotation will be contingent upon completing a successful background check, drug screening, TB test, providing a general statement of health as well as additional on-boarding paperwork required by CCHS.

Cass County Health System will need to have an affiliation agreement in place with your college or university in order for you to be placed for a rotation with our facility.  This may take several weeks to complete.

Shadowing Experiences

Cass County Health System also provides students who are preparing to enter the medical field an opportunity to observe a healthcare employee in a specific setting. Job shadowing cannot exceed 8 hours total.  To make an official request for a job shadow experience please follow the link below.  Once you submit your form, it will be sent to Kat Niemann, Communications Specialist to review.  Kat will reach out to the manager of the department(s) you are interested in shadowing to arrange your visit.  If approved by the manager, Kat will reach out to you directly to complete arrangements.

To make an official request, please complete the student clinical and job shadow request form.

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