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Photo of Shelley Paulsen

Shelley Paulsen, LPN

The Nomination

I’m not sure where to start.  Shelley is truly amazing at her profession. I have seen Scott Hixson for years as my provider and Shelley has always been his nurse. Whenever I have questions Shelley gets back to me with the information I’m needing and it is always with compassion.

Here is an area that Shelley really went above and beyond and still continues to do so to this day. I believe it was about 6 years ago, I have had back problems with surgeries but this time, I guess it all took a toll on my physical and mental health. I needed another back surgery, but some things had been said by the therapist I reached out to for mental health and added so much more fear to me. Anyways, I went into deep depression and was hospitalized for a few days over it.  Shelley was the most caring and compassionate nurse I could have ever asked for. She never once made me feel like less of a person or crazy. She spoke gentle words and always asked questions to make sure I felt okay.

When I was having a bad time or had a million crazy questions I could phone Shelley or ask her at my appointment without feeling rushed or judged. Wish sadly many nurses didn’t make me feel like that.  To this day Shelley still ask to make sure everything is going okay, if there is anything she can do, if I have any questions, when I call she is the best at getting back to me, explaining what I might not understand and does it all with a smile and her caring personality. I also thinks she keeps Scott in line!

I know I have not came close to listing everything about Shelley and all the amazing things she has done for me and my family, but please know, it is very hard for me to open up about my health problems and especially my mental health. But, Shelley needs to know just how truly amazing she is and that she has touched my life for many years at my lowest times in life and my highest times. I know I am just one person telling a short version of what Shelley has done but I truly hope you consider her.  Shelley has helped save my life. Because at my lowest times, I was ready to end it. Having someone you can call, someone to show they care and listen to you is sometimes what you need to pull yourself out of the black hole and Shelley has done that for me and I’m sure many others. I believe that God truly knew what he was doing with Shelley becoming a nurse and making our paths cross.