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Michelle Gelner, RN BSN

The Nomination

am writing this note to nominate one of your emergency room nurses for the DAISY award for nursing services far above and beyond the nursing services I have received in 87+ years of life. Unfortunately, I did not record the nurses name, but I am certain you will be able to determine that by my description. She is an RN, an Army veteran (parachute rigger), mother of 3 (2, 4, & 6 yrs.), and wife of an Iowa State Highway Patrolman. Probably in her late 20’s or early 30’s.

I came to the emergency room at about 12:30am, July 2, 2023 and was seen immediately by the nurse. Her professional manner, knowledge and care were exemplary. She stayed with me in every respect – her calm manner and kindness relieved my anxiety, which came as a result of convulsive coughing and inability to catch my breath. She accompanied me and helped me through a number of exams, including blood work and x-rays. I felt so cared for an I really appreciated it. She was focused, professional, patient and caring.

Please acknowledge her outstanding patient care.