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Cass Health DAISY Award Winners

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Kate Nachtman, RN BSN

The Nomination

I was in the delivery room for close friends of mine during one of the worst deliveries possible. I got the phone call at 1 am that my best friends baby had passed and that she would be delivering a stillborn at essentially 34 weeks. I immediately headed to the hospital for support. Kate was there when I arrived and even being "just a friend" was met with her concern and care. Kate was in frequently to make sure Lydia, Ian or any of us others needed ANYTHING! And I do mean ANYTHING. Lydia at one point mentioned that scotcheroos were the only thing that sounded "good". Of course it wasn't scotcheroo day in the kitchen, but Kate made it happen. She convinced some of the kitchen staff to stay late and make a small pan for our room. Something so small that at the time was like moving a mountain to Lydia.

Through Lydia's 30+ hours of traumatic labor and delivery Kate was there for 17 EXTRA hours. These were hours she was not on the clock, not supposed to be there, could leave to be with her own family...but didn't. She recognized Lydia'a pain of losing a child and did everything and then some to try and ease it as much as one can. She was always checking on all of us, me as the best friend, Ian as the husband, and Shawnell as the mom. Not just the patient, but all of us. It truly felt like she became family in that short period of time. I can't say enough great things about Kate, as it would take me all day and then some. But know that that woman changed lives during one of the HARDEST days we've ever witnessed. She will forever be a hero in my eyes and deserves recognition for the above and beyond care she gave.