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Brenna Irlmeier, RN

The Nomination

My twelve year old daughter suddenly became ill one day. We visited Rapid Care where it was determined that she had appendicitis and needed surgery. She was taken upstairs to IPS where she was prepped and readied for surgery. The care and concern shown from everyone that saw her that day — Rapid Care, Radiology, Inpatient Services, Anesthesia, Surgery — they were all wonderful! They went above and beyond to help alleviate her anxiety and concern as the need for surgery was a scary experience for her.

Rising above all the amazing caregivers we encountered that day, was Brenna Irlmeier. Brenna was the surgery nurse that took my daughter down for her appendectomy. She came to the room, gathered a quick report, did the time out, the whole nine yards. She made sure to explain to my daughter what was going to happen and addressed her directly making sure she didn’t have any questions. Although my daughter is stoic and brave, it was then that the tears began to well and reality hit her. I looked into her eyes and could tell that she was scared, nervous, and crying. As her mother, I had to say goodbye and release her into Brenna’s care trusting that she would be in good hands.

In that moment, I could see Brenna making it her highest priority to make my little girl feel safe. Although I couldn't be present with her in the OR, I am confident that Brenna gave her best to my little girl. The first thing my daughter said to me when she woke up after surgery was, “that nurse was so nice mommy, she held my hand the whole time.” That is when the tears started welling in my own eyes because I knew in my heart that my baby felt safe and was well cared for. I’ve been to larger organizations with my children before and I never felt that they were cared for with the same compassion and empathy as was shown to us here at Cass Health and especially shown to my daughter by Brenna.