Construction Continues at Cass Health

May 27, 2021

Atlantic, IA — There is a great deal happening at Cass Health these days in part due to the ongoing construction all around and within the facility.

“We’re really in the thick of our project right now, and we know that’s causing some temporary disruption. We ask for everyone’s patience with the noise and changes as we continue through this process. It is short-term pain for long-term gain,” said Cass Health Chief Financial Officer Abbey Stangl. Some of the key projects going on now include atrium renovations, the Atlantic Medical Center remodel, and preparations are underway a to move main entrance to the south side of the building while they are revamping our main drive on the north side beginning in late June.

Atrium Renovations

The current staircase has been partially removed to allow for the construction of the new staircase. Patients and visitors will immediately notice black tarping in the space. Access to the second floor is still open via the stairs and elevator. Along the atrium hallway, patients and visitors will also notice that the Specialty Clinic waiting room is now open, and the doorway into the Laboratory has been widened to better accommodate wheelchair access.

Atlantic Medical Center, RHC

Construction on the expanded medical center is happening in two phases. The north half is currently under construction and will open in late July. The south half will begin construction once the north half is operational. Current patients at the Atlantic Medical Center are seen in Suites B and E and may face some disruptions due to the noise of roof construction.

“Besides seeing people at our main campus, patients can also take advantage of telehealth appointments or schedule appointments at one of our satellite locations, if they are concerned about the noise or any mobility issues,” said Cass Health Chief Clinic Administrator Tammy Bireline. “We also offer walk-in care at AMC Rapid Care, which is a great alternative for minor health issues.”

Main Entrance Driveway

Beginning June 23, the Main Entrance and driveway leading up to it will be closed for approximately three months so that crews can remove and replace the concrete that lead up to the building. During this phase of construction, the temporary main entrance will move to the south side of the building where all patients and visitors will enter through the Emergency Department. Patient and visitor parking will also be available in Lots B and C during that time.