Orthopedic Care is  One of Our Specialties

When you need orthopedic services, we offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient orthopedic care for everything from shoulders, hips and knees to hands and ankles. That goes for children and adults.

The orthopedic team includes a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, nurses that specialize in joint replacement patients, physical therapists and more. From arthritis treatment to joint replacement orthopedic surgery, you can trust our orthopedic services.

For rehabilitation, our specially trained therapists provide individualized physical and occupational therapy treatment.

We provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!

Together, we made sure Cheryl's heart was beating strong.

Seated in an exam room of the Emergency Department, Cheryl Wessels remembers saying to her nurse, “I don’t belong here.”

And that’s the last thing Cheryl remembers before she died.

Read Cheryl's amazing story

Committed to Excellence & Your Good Health

Our Purpose

We’re here for one purpose: To provide the highest quality healthcare possible, in a compassionate, respectful and caring manner. The comfort of our patients and their families is of utmost importance.

We are proud to provide outstanding medical care to our friends, family and neighbors in southwest Iowa – with a wide range of services utilizing the latest technology and with highly skilled staff. Our vision is to always strive to be the best rural hospital in the country for patients to receive care, employees to work and physicians to practice.

Latest News

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Coming Home Jill Leonard never envisioned herself working in health care, “It just kind of happened, but once it did I knew I found my place,” said Jill. Jill studied psychology at Iowa State, and during her freshman year, she met a boy. That boy is her now husband of


Hospital Week Profile: Aubrey Molgaard

The Student & The Teacher Aubrey Molgaard, RN, CDE, does not like being put in the spotlight. But if you get her talking about diabetes, endocrinology, or her patients – you will see her face light up instantly. As a Certified Diabetes Educator, Aubrey spends her days working with patients


Hospital Week Profile: Britni Olson

The Honor of Nursing Britni Olson, RN, loves birthdays – in fact, they are her favorite days at work. “No matter how bad of day I may be having, when I get the chance to see a father’s tears or watch as a mother holds her baby for the first time,