AMC Rapid Care Provider Amy Petersen, ARNP

AMC Rapid Care Team Grows

April 6, 2021

Cass County Health System welcomed Amy Petersen, ARNP to the AMC Rapid Care team this winter. She is board-certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and she will work in both AMC Rapid Care and the CCHS Emergency Department.

Petersen began her career as a nurse more than 25 years ago, and now works as a nurse practitioner in AMC Rapid Care, a walk-in clinic that’s open seven days a week.

“I started in northern Iowa, and I’ve worked in about every unit a hospital can have. I was at Creighton for 14 years, and in during the last 10 years, I’ve worked in the emergency department,” she said.

While working, Petersen continued her education in nursing. She graduated in October 2020 from Simmons University out of Boston, Massachusetts. She also recently began her doctoral studies from the same university, and she will graduate with her Doctor of Nursing (DNP) next year.

Petersen said that she has always loved learning and wanted to become a provider so that she could be more active in patients’ care. “Once my kids were old enough, I decided to start pursuing my next degree. I like caring for people. The people, the patients, they’re everything. I enjoy meeting them, caring and helping them, and learning about them.”

Petersen said that her new role here is a good fit for her. “I love working in the emergency department, and Rapid Care is similar in that you are working with a huge range of patients and problems, and it’s never the same. I enjoy that. I think that my past experiences, working all of the different units, it’s been an advantage now in how I deliver care,” said Petersen.

Originally from Nebraska, Petersen and her husband moved to an acreage outside Hancock 20 years ago. They have four children, ages 18 to 30, and twin grandsons who are four.