Patient Stories

Carolyn Bruck

Atlantic native Carolyn Bruck had worked hard to manage her Type I Diabetes for years. After dozens of frustrating appointments with endocrinologists in the city, she vented to her family provider at Cass Health.

Carolyn told her provider she was disappointed with the care she was receiving at the endocrinology center. She asked, “Can’t Cass Health just manage my diabetes?” To Carolyn’s surprise, her provider said, “Yes! We can!”

Bruck Family with dad seated, mom standing, son, daughter, and new baby


Carolyn was referred to Cass Health certified diabetic educator Aubrey Molgaard. Her first meeting with Aubrey impressed her. “I instantly noticed how knowledgeable Aubrey was,” said Carolyn. “She knew everything about the latest technology in diabetes management.” In fact, Carolyn felt that Aubrey was more knowledgeable than most endocrinologists she had seen.

Aubrey’s knowledge wasn’t the only thing that wowed Carolyn. She said, “Aubrey instantly made me feel like she truly cared.” Carolyn had not experienced this in the city. She had felt judged and scared. She said, “I felt that the endocrinologists didn’t know me. They didn’t problem-solve with me and they didn’t offer me a lot of other options.”

Aubrey began problem-solving with Carolyn and made a plan. Positive changes came quickly. “She whipped my health into shape but did it in such a nice loving way. I finally felt like I mattered.” Carolyn remembers crying happy tears in Aubrey’s office when her A1C was finally in the 7s. “I owe all of my number control to her,” said Carolyn.

Working with Aubrey not only positively impacted Carolyn’s general health but also made all the difference in her most recent pregnancy. Her first pregnancy had been full of worry. “I felt my care was not up to par,” said Carolyn. After a stressful pregnancy with concerning numbers, Carolyn’s daughter, Natalie, had a short stay in the NICU.

Working with Aubrey during her next pregnancy was much different. She checked in with Carolyn at least two times a week, and if things weren’t going well, she checked in multiple times a day. “Both my husband and I finally felt like I was in good hands,” said Carolyn.

Not only did Carolyn have much better control of her numbers, but she also felt at ease. On Labor Day, Carolyn was 28 weeks pregnant and her insulin pump began to malfunction. She needed a new type of insulin and immediately contacted Aubrey. Even though Aubrey had the day off, she drove to Carolyn’s house with new insulin. “I don’t know any other provider who would go above and beyond like that,” said Carolyn.

Aubrey worked closely with Carolyn’s specialist in Omaha and she delivered her youngest son, Dylan, without issue. “I got to take him home within 24 hours,” said Carolyn.


Carolyn would highly recommend Aubrey to other diabetic patients: “I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 20 years. Nothing has ever compared to the support I have received at CCMH with Aubrey. If you are struggling to find the right provider for your diabetic needs, like I was, Aubrey is your girl. My A1c has been in the normal range since I started working with her, and in turn, my overall health has improved. Aubrey listens without judgment and genuinely wants to see her patients get better and live a healthy life. If you're diabetic, call and set up an appointment with her right now!"


Photos used with permission from Thrifty Images by Bobbi Jo Jameson.