Patient Stories

Together, We Helped Shannon Get Past Her Pain

Shannon Gearheart

Shannon Gearhart was in pain. Three years of uterine fibroids had made a significant impact on her life. “I got to the point where I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t sit. It was terrible,” said Shannon.

Looking for answers, she made an appointment with a doctor. The only solution offered was pain pills. “I didn’t want to take pain pills. That was not something I was willing to do.” She walked out of her appointment feeling helpless. “I went in hoping for an answer and solution. I walked out feeling like neither even existed.”

Shortly after that disappointing appointment, she saw that Cass Health had hired a new OBGYN, Dr. Emily Chang. “I knew I needed a second opinion, so I took a chance and made the appointment.”

“Right away, I noticed how thorough and caring Dr. Chang was,” said Shannon. “She asked me questions that nobody had ever asked me. It made me feel way more comfortable asking her questions.” Dr. Chang had the answers Shannon had been seeking. “She is so knowledgeable,” said Shannon.

While Shannon went into the appointment with an open mind, she mentioned to Dr. Chang that she wanted a hysterectomy. Dr. Chang didn’t say no. She talked her through the process and helped her understand how the operation would compare to other options.

Shannon felt that somebody finally understood her pain and wanted to help. She was so pleased with the appointment, that when Dr. Chang gave her the okay for a hysterectomy, she scheduled it with her at Cass Health.

The surgery went very well. “It took about four hours and Dr. Chang went out to give my family updates during the surgery. We were very impressed by that,” said Shannon.

Now that she has recovered from the procedure, Shannon’s pain is completely gone. “It’s a whole new world and I feel amazing,” she said. “It’s the best decision I could have made for myself.”

Shannon feels very fortunate that an OBGYN like Dr. Chang is at Cass Health. “The proximity to the hospital and pharmacy is beyond convenient,” said Shannon. “It took me minutes to get home after I was discharged. Anybody who has been under anesthesia knows how important that can be.”

Shannon has already recommended several of her friends to Dr. Chang. “She is incredible and an amazing asset to this community.” Shannon joked that while she used to dread OBGYN appointments, she now looks forward to getting to see Dr. Chang. “I think our hospital is second to none, and Dr. Chang has made it even better.”