Dr. Kerry Rodabaugh provides Gynecologic Oncology care in the Cass Health Specialty Clinic. Dr. Rodabaugh helps patients with different types of cancer including cervical ovarian, uterine and more. Call 712-243-7590 for more information.

Dr. Benjamin Hall and Dr. Helen Fasanya-Uptagraft provide Gastroenterology care in the Cass Health Surgery Clinic. They are affiliated with Midwest Gastrointestinal Associates in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Hall and Dr. Fasanya-Uptagraft provide gastroenterology care for conditions including ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, Hepatitis C, diverticulitis, and other GI issues. While in Atlantic, they will also perform colonoscopy and EGD (upper endoscopy) exams. Call the Surgery Clinic at 712-243-7535 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Emily Chang and Dr. Marcela Pineda provide comprehensive gynecological care in the Atlantic Medical Center as well as performing procedures like hysterectomies, hysteroscopy, tubal ligation, and other gynecological surgeries locally. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Chang or Dr. Pineda by calling 712-243-2850. 

The Griswold Medical Center is a rural health primary care clinic that cares for patients from birth to geriatrics. Our medical team of a board-certified physician, physician assistants, and nurse practitioner provide outstanding medical care you can count on. Call 712-778-5140 to schedule an appointment in Griswold. 

Patients have the right to file a complaint or grievance at any time and expect that filing such a grievance will not affect his/her future access to or quality of care.   The Cass Health Online Grievance  form will be submitted directly to the Risk Manager, and a staff member will reach out to discuss the complaint.

Dr. Chad McCance provides general surgery care at the Cass Health Surgery Clinic and Cass County Memorial Hospital. His practice includes minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques when appropriate. He performs a wide array of general surgery procedures, including colonoscopies and EGDs, bowel surgeries and resections, and tumor removals.