Cass Health Grievance Process

Grievance Process

Patients have the right to file a complaint or grievance at any time and expect that filing such a grievance will not affect his/her future access to or quality of care.   The Cass Health Online Grievance  form will be submitted directly to the Risk Manager, and a staff member at Cass Health will reach out to discuss the complaint.

If you prefer to notify your grievance by phone please call the Risk Manager 712-250-8260.  You may also call any member Cass Health Administration 712-243-3250, extension 7402.

If the patient does not feel that his/her grievance has been resolved effectively, he/she may contact KEPRO by phone at 1-855-408-8557 or 1-813-280-8256, by fax at 1-844-834-7130, or by mail at KEPRO, 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 900, Tampa, Florida, 33609.