The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Cass County Health System recently added breast MRI exams to their list of breast health exams and procedures.

Breast MRI is an exam used for diagnostic purposes for specific indications, including but not limited to:

“A limited number of women may also qualify for an MRI breast cancer screening, which is in conjunction with mammography. Typically, the women who qualify for this are those who have BRCA 1 and 2 gene mutations, or they have a syndrome that increases their risk of breast cancer. But breast MRI screening is never used without a 3D mammogram,” said CCHS Diagnostic Imaging Director Carrie Schmitt.

CCHS Diagnostic Imaging works with Diagnostic Radiology, PC out of the Omaha metro area. “The radiologists that we work with also read exams for Jennie Edmundson hospital, so if there are women in the area who are traveling for this service, we want them to know it’s now available closer to home,” said Schmitt.

For patients who have had a breast MRI before, they may notice some differences in the exam. “Our exam uses more sequences, which is a set of images. Essentially, our exam is taking more images of the breast from more angles, and that means the exam may be longer than others,” said Schmitt.

In addition to breast MRI exams, the CCHS Diagnostic Imaging department also offers 3D mammography, breast ultrasound, and breast biopsy. For more information about these exams, patients are encouraged to speak first with their primary care provider.

Screening mammograms, for women who have no breast cancer symptoms, can be made by calling the Diagnostic Imaging department directly at 712-243-7450. Mammo parties are also offered in the evenings for small groups of women who want to schedule their appointments together.