Cass County Health System is pleased to announce that Mohamed Humad, MD will join the family medicine team at Atlantic Medical Center, RHC in November 2020.

Dr. Humad is originally from Cairo, Egypt, but moved to Ames, Iowa at the age of 14. He went to Iowa State University and Windsor University School of Medicine. Dr. Humad recently completed his residency at MercyOne Family Medicine Residency in Des Moines.

In the interim between completing his residency and joining the medical staff full time, Dr. Humad has worked in the CCHS Emergency Department several times.

“I enjoy practicing medicine in rural communities. Cass County is close to Des Moines, where some of my family members live. I thought the people [at CCHS] were very friendly and grateful. The staff seemed knowledgeable and easy to work with, especially the ED nurses who made my first shift very smooth even though it was very busy!”

Dr. Humad said that he became a doctor because he loves to help people. “I chose family medicine so that I could enjoy the continuity with my patients and make a difference in their lives as well as their next generation,” said Dr. Humad.

In his spare time, Dr. Humad likes to play soccer and spend time with his family. “I have a son, Zain, and twin girls Arya and Ayla, and my beautiful wife Rabab,” he said.

Dr. Humad will provide care to patients of all ages, and he will also provide obstetric care for expecting mothers. He will begin caring for patients at AMC in early November.