The CCHS Board of Trustees approved bids for their upcoming remodel and construction project.

CCHS Chief Financial Officer Abbey Stangl noted that the board was very happy to see local and regional companies on the list of approved bids. “We’re very fortunate that we are able to work with a number of local contractors. That’s a win for us, a win for them, and it’s a win for the community, too.”

The project encompasses a wide range of updates, remodels, expansions, and some new construction. Although the pandemic initially seemed like a roadblock, it has proven to be an optimal time for the project. “Overall, the bids came in at less than our projections, which confirmed for us that pursuing our master facility plan construction project at this time was a fiscally smart move. Since we’ve been planning this for years, we are able to complete this multimillion-dollar project with cash. We aren’t bonding for these funds, and we’re not raising anyone’s taxes, either. This is a situation where we’re able to reinvest in our facilities because our community has ardently supported us. It’s our turn to give back to our patients and community, and these construction projects all center around improving our patient experience.”

Bids were awarded to the following companies.

Construction is expected to begin immediately and last through 2021.

Cass County Health System will begin construction on their main entrance parking lot, Lot A, on Monday, August 31st.

The parking lot renovation will be completed in two phases, which allows half of the parking lot to remain open to patients and visitors only. The project is expected to last through November.

The parking lot construction kicks off the first phase of CCHS’s master facility plan initiative that includes parking lot renovations, electrical upgrades, remodel of the Atlantic Medical Center clinic, as well as several other updates.

Parking Lot A at Cass County Health System will be renovated beginning Monday, August 31st. The shaded area in red will be closed and completed first leaving a majority of patient and visitor parking spots open.