Patient Stories

Jessica & Aaron Clemsen

Jessica and Aaron Clemsen were happily, but anxiously awaiting an important date — their due date, June 1.

This spring, Jessica was working with her mother cleaning homes, and her husband Aaron commuted from their home in Underwood, Iowa to his job as a firefighter in north Omaha. Jessica is originally from Council Bluffs, and Aaron grew up in Brayton.

After being married for four years, the couple was excited to welcome their first child into the family. But as their due date drew closer, their medical provider’s office and hospital began to implement a number of policies and changes due to COVID-19 that they simply weren’t comfortable with.

“My husband wasn’t allowed to go to appointments, and I needed husband to be with me. We had been going in Council Bluffs, but at about 35 weeks, we transferred care. My sister-in-law and friends had their children there [Cass Health],” said Jessica.

Jessica and Aaron had an appointment with Dr. Angela Weppler at the Anita Medical Center, which was one of Cass Health’s wellness clinics. During this time, both the Anita and Griswold Medical Centers became dedicated to only healthy patients, particularly expecting moms and children. The providers, too, were dedicated to those clinics in an effort to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for both the patients and providers.

“I love Dr. Weppler, obviously! I was at ease with her from the first appointment. She didn’t have to take us on, but the right doors opened, and it was wonderful,” she said.

And then, with perfect timing, Ava Faith Clemsen was born on her due date at Cass Health.

“I was absolutely blown away by how wonderful the nurses were. I didn’t have even one nurse that I thought wasn’t amazing. They were just kind, compassionate, caring, and so patient,” said Jessica.

Today, Jessica is now a stay-at-home mom to Ava. Looking back on her decision to transfer care at 35 weeks, she is very glad she did and highly recommends the OB team at Cass Health.