Healthy U: Your Heart & You

September 11, 2018

Dr. Todd Bean, Chief Medical Officer at Cass County Health System, is presenting on “Your Heart and You” at the next session of Healthy U on Thursday, September 20th in Conference Room 2 at Cass County Health System.

During the presentation, Dr. Bean will cover the basics about the heart and cardiovascular system. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 49% of Americans have at least one of three key risk factors for developing heart disease: high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking.

“Heart disease is a very common issue. If you or a loved one start to have problems with your heart, it can be very helpful to already know some of the basics about the heart’s anatomy as well as some key terms,” said Dr. Bean.

Dr. Bean joined CCHS in 2005. After more than 19 years as a Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Bean now serves in Administration as the Chief Medical Officer for CCHS.

Healthy U will be offered at both 7:30 am and noon on Thursday, September 20th. Healthy U is a free educational series at Cass County Health System held monthly in Conference Room 2. The public is invited and welcome to attend, but reservations are required as a meal is provided for all attendees. Call 712-243-7479 to reserve your seat.