2023 Campaign

On behalf of the Foundation, I’m asking you to be a part of the Cass Health Foundation’s 2023 campaign. We’re specifically asking for donations to help with the purchase of new monitoring equipment.

Cass Health Specialty Clinic Director Traci Brockman, RN spoke with me about this equipment, and it hit home to hear about the important role it plays in patient care.

"Patients who are going through high-risk treatments and procedures need to have the attention of our staff beyond just taking vitals. Our nursing team wants to be present with those patients. Investing in monitoring equipment accomplishes two important goals: first and foremost, it keeps tally on the patient's oxygenation, heart rate, blood pressure, and more. Secondly, it gives our nursing team back time so that they can be at the bedside, providing care, answering questions, and being attentive to patients’ needs, rather than being tied to a computer inputting data,” said Traci.

This equipment puts real-time information into the hands of our doctors and providers, and it seamlessly inputs into the electronic medical record system, which reduces the risk of errors and creates better historical data in each patient’s chart.

You can help provide the safest and best possible care for our loved ones with your donation to purchase this multi-departmental monitoring equipment that will be used in Radiology, Surgery, Atlantic Medical Center, and in the Tyler Family Cancer Center.

Traci explained, “This equipment will be used by our CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) team during surgeries in our operating rooms. Beyond that, many procedures can now be done outside of surgery, but that doesn’t mean that the operating room monitoring system goes away – we still need to be able to see and chart vitals, to be able to ensure the safety of our patients.”

And with your help, we can put this equipment to work even sooner. Your gift towards this equipment has a lifesaving impact on our community because your donation goes to work right here at Cass Health. Please join us by sending your donation today or make a secure donation using the online form below.

On behalf of everyone at Cass Health, we thank you for your generous support.


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