Della Woolsey First Recipient of Cass Health’s ROSE Award

April 2, 2024

Atlantic, IA – Cass Health is proud to announce that Della Woolsey is the inaugural recipient of the Recognition of Service Excellence (ROSE) Award. Woolsey has worked as a housekeeper as part of the Environmental Services team since July 2017.

The award presentation was held on Wednesday, March 20 with staff and the Cass Health Board of Trustees gathered. Woolsey said she was stunned to hear her name announced.

“It was a shock! You don’t expect people to pay attention to what you’re doing, let alone appreciate it. It’s nice to be recognized for doing what you love,” she said.

Her nominator wrote: “Any and every interaction that anyone has had with her is met with a greeting and a bright smile. She stands out not only among her peers but also among every employee here at Cass Health. She does not need to be asked to take on tasks; she is a go-getter. She remains positive every day while at work. Her work performance surpasses all expectations. You’d never know if she has had a bad day with the smile she presents with every single day. Even though she has daily tasks to complete and is on a time crunch, she always stops what she is doing to help you, to ensure your work is done efficiently and our patients are cared for. Little does she know that we hear her out in the hallways while she is interacting with patients. The compassion that she shows patients while they are here is unmatched. She goes in to clean a room, and continuing to work, she has conversations and engages with the patients. They feel valued and present when they spend time with her. She will get them whatever they need when she asks what she can do for them while in the room. I have overheard a patient tell our winner once, ‘You have made my day just talking to me.’ She could not be more deserving of this award.”

Woolsey said that working on the inpatient floor and talking to the patients is her favorite part of her job. “And it’s never a special effort for me to talk to our patients and visitors—that comes naturally to me. I love it!” said Woolsey.

The ROSE Award was created to honor and celebrate non-nursing employees of Cass Health who exemplify dedication, compassion, and a commitment to service excellence in carrying out their duties and advancing the goals and mission of Cass Health. The criteria are being knowledgeable and efficient, being compassionate and respectful, working with the care team, and going above and beyond for others. Nominations can be made by anytime online at