Radiology News

International Shortage of Contrast Agent Impacts Local Hospitals

May 18, 2022

Atlantic, IA – A global shortage of contrast agents used in CT exams is impacting local hospitals including Cass Health.

“Contrast agent is a solution that we inject into patients before an imaging test. Much like the name says, the contrast solution enhances the area of interest so that radiologists can see a more detailed image of exactly what’s going on inside of that patient,” said Cass Health Radiology Director Carrie Schmitt.

GE Healthcare manufactures the contrast agent in Shanghai, which has been affected recently by a surge of COVID-19 cases and strict lockdowns. Production at the facility is expected to return to normal at the end of June, but in the meantime, hospitals across the world are dealing with unprecedented shortages of the material.

“Every hospital across the country is dealing with this critical issue. At Cass Health, we are conserving our current supply of contrast agents, and we are taking steps to ensure that our patients are still getting the right care at the right time. We have an experienced radiology team, and together we’ve planned how we can adapt to challenging circumstances like this, while always maintaining patient safety and excellent care,” said Schmitt.

Cass Health will continue to monitor the shortage and inform the community of any further updates.