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CCHS Board Approves Facility Plan

September 4, 2019

Atlantic, IA – The Cass County Health System (CCHS) Board of Trustees approved a master facility plan on August 21, 2019. During the last eight months, the board worked with doctors, staff, administrators, and others to identify key areas of the CCHS building and grounds that need to be repaired, remodeled, or relocated.

“In an era where rural healthcare is increasingly unsteady, we’re incredibly blessed to be in a position where we can invest in our health system to help us achieve our mission of providing a superior experience to everyone that we are privileged to serve,” said Brett Altman, CCHS CEO. “Our board is very committed to these projects because they can envision the long-term benefits to our patients. At the same time we plan to make these improvements, we’re just as committed to moving forward without incurring debt.”

While plans are still in the earliest stages, the board expects to let bids in the summer of 2020, with hopes to have all phases of the master facility plan completed by the end of 2022. The anticipated improvements include:

  • Remodeling the hospital pharmacy to comply with new federal regulations
  • Infrastructure items—
    • Improving electrical voltage regulation
    • Repairing parking lots and driveways
    • Replacing three air handling units
  • Remodeling the clinic
  • Remodeling existing clinical space into an enhanced center for cancer care
  • Providing additional office space for CCHS staff
  • Moving the gift shop near the main entrance
  • Remodeling the cafeteria serving area

Work on the facility plan, timeline, and bidding process are expected to progress over the next six months to twelve months.