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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: February 3, 2021

I filled out the survey once already. Should I fill it out again?

No. One survey per person is all that is needed. This helps our staff save time and resources by not having to remove duplicate entries for each patient.

Who is eligible in 1B? If I am eligible for 1B, when can I get the vaccine?

Phase 1 B is just beginning. * If you meet the 1A or 1B guidelines, please complete the survey below. Public Health will then contact you once we have vaccines available.*

    • If you’ve already taken the survey and indicated your age, you do not need to retake it. Public Health will call you when they have vaccine available.* 

Is there a waiting list? Do I need to sign up?

If you qualify for Phase 1A or 1B, yes, please take the survey below. If you do not qualify for Phase 1A or 1B, then, no, we do not have a waiting list, and you do not need to do anything at this time.

Who will be next in line for the vaccine?

Like all counties in Iowa, we are waiting on information from the Iowa Department of Public Health about which groups will be eligible next. At this time, we do not know who is eligible next, nor do we have any vaccines here locally waiting. Once we know who is eligible, and when we know we are going to receive more vaccine doses, we will alert local news sources.

How will people know when they can get the vaccine?

Stay tuned to local news and social media. Some eligible groups may be contacted directly by Cass County Public Health (such as law enforcement, fire departments, etc.).

Is there vaccine here in Cass County waiting to be used?

No. There is no vaccine in the county waiting to be used. We are deeply committed to not wasting a single dose, and we plan accordingly.

Is there a plan in place for vaccinating the public?

Yes. Cass County Public Health has been working on mass vaccination plans for months. Thanks to great local partnerships and volunteer resources, we will be able to act quickly on mass vaccinations for the public. At this time, we are not aware of any large shipments of vaccine for Cass County; rather, we have been receiving small batches each week, and thus have been holding smaller clinics.

Does everyone need to sign up through the online survey?

No. The survey should only be completed if you think you are eligible for the vaccine based on the criteria for Phase 1A or Phase 1B.

I live in another county but work in Cass. Where should I get my vaccine?

You can get the vaccine in whatever county works in your schedule once you're eligible.

Are volunteers needed to help with the vaccine?

Cass County Public Health has a pool of experienced nurses (both retired and working) and staff already lined up to help.

When can the general public expect to be eligible for the vaccine?

At the state level, the goal is mid-2021. Those directions will come from the state, and that information is not yet finalized.


Planning Survey | If eligible (Phase 1A or 1B), please complete one time. After submitting your survey, Cass County Public Health will contact you about an appointment once we have vaccine available.

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