AMC Surgery Clinic

Atlantic Medical Center Surgery Clinic is a multi-specialty group that provides general, orthopedic, and thoracic surgeries, along with critical care.   Dr. Chad McCance and Dr. Matt Weresh utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever appropriate.  These include laparoscopic surgery, arthroscopic, MIOS (minimally invasive open surgery), and thorascopic surgery (scope surgery of the chest).

Our board-certified surgeons’ expertise includes the following areas of care:

General surgery — treatment of the neck, breast, stomach, liver and gallbladder, intestinal or GI tract, pancreas, colon and pelvic organs.  It also includes both upper and lower colon scopes (endoscopy).

Thoracic surgery — surgery of the chest including the lung, esophagus, chest wall, pleura (chest lining), heart lining and bronchoscopy (scope of the trachea and lung).

Critical care — the care of urgent and emergent patients who have life threatening or potential life-threatening illness.  These include conditions such as shock, trauma, respiratory failure, sepsis (infection), organ failure and malnutrition.

Orthopedic surgery — hip and knee replacements, arthroscopic procedure, shoulder surgeries, carpal tunnel release, and trigger finger repairs.