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Christina Smith, CRNA

Anesthesia, Pain Management

Christina Smith is a nurse anesthetist who specializes in pain management. Christina graduated in 2000 from the University of Kansas with a Masters in Nurse Anesthesia and has over 10 years of experience working with chronic pain management. She sees patients in the CCHS Specialty Clinic to provide pain management, and performs pain control procedures. She also provides anesthesia care for patients during surgical procedures at Cass County Health System.

To make an appointment with Christina Smith for pain managment, please call 712-243-7590.
If you think you may need to be tested for COVID-19 because you meet the current guidelines for testing, call us at 712-243-2850 BEFORE you come to any CCHS facility.
Please note that our hours have changed in several areas including Atlantic Medical Center. Thank you for your patience and understanding!