Patient Stories

Lincoln Williams

A Letter from Haley Williams
Lincoln’s mom & Cass Health employee

My first child had tubes placed in Des. Moines, and my littlest one saw Dr. Rinehart for an ear tube consult and placement at Cass Health. The difference in the two hospitals staff was incredible! Cass Health was so very family oriented and cared so much for Lincoln's comfort, and our understanding of what we were to expect. Going into our consult, we already had a very general idea of the procedure since we had been through it once before, however Dr. Rinehart was FANTASTIC at explaining why Lincoln was needing tubes and what to expect when the time came. He explained everything to us in great depth and very thoroughly.

All of the surgery staff was amazing and a few of them really stood out.

Jennifer Steffens was Lincoln's nurse, and she was amazing! She came back and introduced herself, explained to us that when she came back to take him for surgery that she would be bringing a cart and he would have to ride on that since they can't just walk back with them! When she came to get him, she took him from me and wrapped him in a warm blanket, held him close to her, and held him while she sat on the bed with him as they took him back for his procedure. They cared so much for his comfort that it made my heart so happy to see her holding him on the bed as they wheeled him back to the room. I truly believe because of this move and the comfort they assured, he didn't cry a bit, and as a mother this made the whole situation of him having to be sedated and everything so much easier!

Rachel Goettsch wa​s our same day nurse, and she came in after Lincoln's procedure. She was so thorough while explaining what to expect for the after care and for the next few hours. She also was the one that walked us out when we were done for the day and as we left she said these words and it really stood out to me. "It was a pleasure caring for you."

The care that we received really showed that they were truly happy to care for their patients.

Dr. Rinehart - again, was excellent and explained everything that he did while Lincoln was under.

Working in this hospital specifically has opened my eyes to how great some small hospitals are. When I had my first child, we did most of our healthcare appointments in the city thinking that ‘bigger was better.’ This hospital specifically has proven this statement so terribly wrong.

It is a pleasure to work here and to have my children and myself cared for here. This is a great hospital!


Photos used with permission from Heart of Hoye Photography.