2019 Campaign

CCHS Foundation 2019 Campaign

There is nothing in the world quite like the anticipation of the birth of a child. The preparations, the check-ups, the excitement, the labor – and then finally comes the moment when you wait to hear baby’s first cry.

This is a high-stakes moment. As a physician, Dr. Edna Becht knows how many things need to go just right to achieve a perfect outcome—a healthy mom and baby.

“Every second counts. When we have a baby that we are concerned about, right away our focus is on getting oxygen to the baby and getting their temperature up. If we can get those two things stabilized, then everything else can fall into place,” said Dr. Becht.

Keeping our most precious patients safe is the goal of our 2019 Campaign. We are asking you to help us raise funds for a very special OB Bundle that includes a new infant warmer, three hand-held ultrasound devices, and a surgical table.


Infant warmer
Newborns lose heat rapidly. As they lose heat, their bodies start to compensate for the heat loss by using up more oxygen. A new infant warmer not only helps the OB team keep babies warm, but it also puts life-saving tools, like oxygen and resuscitation equipment, within arms’ reach.

Hand-held ultrasound devices
During prenatal checks at Atlantic Medical Center, these devices are used to check for fetal heart tones, monitor fluid levels, and to see if baby is head-down and ready for delivery. Best of all, being able to check on all of these things during a prenatal visit saves parents time and money, and it prevents further anxiety by being able to assess right then and there what’s going on with baby.

Surgical table
The surgical table is the most versatile portion of our 2019 Campaign. It will be used for c-sections in one of our two operating rooms and also for general and orthopedic surgeries.

Your gift towards this equipment helps enhance the care we give to our growing families because your donation goes to work right here in the hands of our hardworking physicians and nurses. Please join us by making a secure online donation here.

On behalf of everyone at CCHS, we offer our most sincere thanks for your generous support.

If you prefer to mail a donation:

Make checks payable to:
Cass County Health System Foundation

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