Mammography & COVID Vaccines

March 4, 2021

Atlantic, IA — The Diagnostic Imaging department at Cass County Health System recently learned about new recommendations regarding mammography and the COVID-19 vaccine.

CCHS Diagnostic Imaging Director Carrie Schmitt said, “The newest recommendation is that women should either come in for their regular screening mammogram before getting the vaccine, or they should wait 4 to 6 weeks after their second dose. Vaccines can cause enlarged lymph nodes, which is a normal immune system response, but those enlarged lymph nodes could raise red flags during a mammogram. And that’s only going to cause undue stress and anxiety for the patient, so it’s best to either plan ahead, or just wait a few weeks.”

Schmitt also said that any woman who has any signs or symptoms of breast cancer should not delay talking to her provider.

“If you have symptoms or an area of concern, you should not delay coming in to talk to your provider about what tests may be needed, such as a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound,” said Schmitt.

For more information about mammograms, please call 712-243-7450.