New Masking Procedures for CCHS Patients and Visitors

March 31, 2020

Atlantic, IA — Cass County Health System is implementing some additional measures to mitigate any possible spread of COVID-19 within their facilities.  Effective April 1, all patients and visitors will now be given a cloth face mask to wear while they are in the building.  “Cloth masks are effective for blocking the sneezes and coughs of a potentially infected person. These masks help to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19,” explained Amanda Bireline, Chief Nursing Officer.  In order to be effective, masks must be worn over both the mouth and nose, and need to remain in place while coughing or sneezing.  “The masks are effective because they stop potentially infectious droplets from a cough or sneeze from landing on people or surfaces.” Bireline noted.  Community members have donated over 340 masks to date.  “We so appreciate our community members who have been sewing masks for us.  We welcome as many as you can get to us!”