Man coughing with text overlay that says COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Testing: What to Do If You Need to Be Tested

March 13, 2020

Atlantic, IA – Cass County Health System issued a specific process today for all patients who need COVID-19 testing. As of March 13, the process is:

  • Patients should review the testing criteria that can be found here or via the hotline at 712-243-7479.
  • The patient should call 712-243-2850 to schedule a same-day appointment or to inquire about being seen at AMC Rapid Care.
  • Patients will then be directed to go to the southeast side of CCHS to the Suite C entrance (previous Evening Clinic entrance). Patients should wait at the door. CCHS staff will meet the patient at the door with a mask. The masked patient will then be escorted into an exam room for testing.
  • The test itself is the same as being swabbed for influenza. The swab will be inserted into the nostril and rotated gently for 10-30 seconds.
  • Patients with mild symptoms will be sent home for self-monitoring and appropriate home treatment. If the COVID-19 test is positive, then additional direction will be given to the patient at that time about isolation protocols.
  • Patients with severe symptoms will be assessed by CCHS staff; next steps will be determined at that time.

If you are concerned about your symptoms and you think you may meet the testing criteria, please call 712-243-2850.