CCHS Well-Care and Clinics Update Beginning Monday, March 30

March 28, 2020

Atlantic, IA — Cass County Health System is repurposing two of its satellite clinics to provide well-care
exclusively to healthy children and expectant mothers. A well-care visit is defined as a visit for preventive
care or management of a chronic condition, without acute symptoms.

Starting Monday, March 30, the Griswold Medical Center and Anita Medical Center will become well clinics
staffed by Dr. Angela Weppler and Jessica Jackson, ARNP. Both providers have many years of experience
in prenatal/OB and pediatric care, as well as general medical care. Dr. Weppler and Jackson will see
obstetric patients as well as provide well-child checks by appointment only. Each provider will work two
days each at both locations. The Griswold and Anita Medical Centers will be open Monday, Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday from 8 to 4:30. We recognize that this may create inconvenience for patients
traveling between communities and we appreciate the public understanding that these steps are necessary
to help protect the health of our citizens.

Dr. Weppler and Jackson will also continue to care for healthy patients with chronic illnesses with those
appointments done via telehealth services. Those who need to be evaluated in person will be carefully
screened prior to coming into any clinic. Patients with acute illnesses will be directed to call Atlantic
Medical Center to schedule an appointment.
Dr. Weppler and Jackson will temporarily cease providing care at Atlantic Medical Center. This is part of
our effort to keep them away from any potential exposures to COVID-19, providing additional protection
for our pregnant and pediatric patients.
All of our other providers will only work from Atlantic Medical Center and Massena Medical Center.
Massena Medical Center will operate as usual until further notice. All patients with respiratory illnesses are
being cared for in an isolated area of Atlantic Medical Center by a limited number of providers dedicated
to that work space.
Although Rapid Care has temporarily been suspended, same-day care is readily available at the Atlantic
Medical Center from Monday through Saturday. At this time hours remain the same: 7 am – 7 pm Monday
through Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm Friday and 8 am – 12pm on Saturday. Calling ahead for all appointments is
encouraged. Anyone experiencing respiratory symptoms/fevers/cough should call 712-243-2850 before
coming to Atlantic Medical Center.