Pain Clinic at CCHS Offers Solutions

August 3, 2018

For Immediate Release

Atlantic, IA –

clinic is every other Friday.  outpatient clinics- can self refer or provider referral
started September 2017

Jason and I have been doing chronic and acute pain for approx. 10 years

Trained by the AANA- Jack Neary course of advanced non surgical pain management.  On hands training with Dr. Keith Barnhill in Manchester Iowa.

Treat pain using a multidisciplinary approach- full spectrum of techniques.  In addition to “injections” we utilize life style modifications, PT, TENS, Aqua therapy, DC Massage, dietary.

Our goal is to maximize non narcotic approaches to pain management- to get the patient proactive in there own care and to make lifestyle changes to benefit there overall health.

I have a presentation I am sending via in house mail to you.

I am being involuntarily mobilized with US Army- heading to Fort Bragg NC this April, 20 2018- will be gone from then to August.  Pain clinic will continue while I am gone with Jason as we have done pain treatments here for over 10 years.  When back in August we will resume every other Friday and hopefully eventually be every week.

Injections done here are as follows:  Most all injections are done with the use of fluoroscopy.

Trigger Point injections:  Injections used to treat  myofascial pain.

Epidural Steroid Injections:  CERVICAL, LUMBAR AND THORACIC- Injections consists of a long acting local anesthetic and a long acting anti-inflammatory steroid into the epidural space

Transforaminal Epidural Steroid injections- same as above but an adjunct for a more “specific” site injection.

Sacroiliac Joint steroid injections- again same- local anesthetic and steroid injected into SI joint.

Median Branch Nerve blocks  (MBN), FACET blocks- interaarticular and periarticular.

Piriformis injections

Ankle injections

Radiofrequency Ablations- this procedure is carried out if we have done a successful (diagnostic)  median branch nerve block.  Needles are placed so tips reside exactly on the MBN and then radiofrequency energy is passed through the needles and the MBN is then “ablated” by heating the tissue to 80 C for 90 seconds– this procedure can provide pain relief for facet type pain for anywhere from 18 months to 3 years.


The goal of Pain management here at CCHS is to provide a compassionate and comprehensive approach to patients pain and discomfort

to improve there function and quality of life