Mark Hensley, Sr., ARNP

Medical Practice:


Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center- Presently employed for
three years as a retu rn employee covering psychiatric treatment for
th ree residential centers. one nursing horne. and additional
outpati ent servicesMa

Mark Hensley, Sr. currently works at Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center and Cass County Memorial Hospital. He covers psychiatric treatment for three residential centers, one nursing home, and additional outpatient services.

Board Certifications:



Education and Training:


BA Social Studies -Graceland Univer sity, Lamoni !A.
• BSN Nursing- Graceland University
• MSN Adult !'vlental Health Nursing Clinical Specialist
- Univer sity ol Nebraska, Omaha, NE

BA Social Studies, Graceland University, Lamoni, IA

BSN Nursing, Graceland University

MSN Adult Mental Health Nursing Clinical Specialist, University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE


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