Meet Your Neighbors: Megan Bierbaum



Meet Your Neighbors: Megan Bierbaum

Solving Problems

Megan Bierbaum, LMSW, is hard to keep up with. Her job as a Social Worker keeps her incredibly busy, so when you catch a glimpse of her in the halls at Cass County Health System, she’s always hustling – busy at work finding the right solutions for her patients.

Megan’s work at the hospital has two main components: utilization review and discharge planning. Utilization review is that behind-the-scenes work where Megan communicates with insurance companies to ensure they pay for patients’ hospital stays. Discharge planning is more hands-on.

“I love that I get to meet new people every day and that my job provides me with the opportunity to make a positive impact. I meet with patients in the hospital (med/surg, OB, ER) and work with them and their families to coordinate a safe discharge plan,” explains Megan. “I help make sure each patient has the resources and services they need to prevent rehospitalization.”

For example, patients may need home health care, hospice, nursing home placement, durable medical equipment, transportation, follow-up appointments, or help with Iowa Medicaid. That’s where Megan comes in to help make sure these things are in place.

In her role, Megan also works closely with the hospitalists, nursing staff, and other departments.

“We work together to make the transition out of the hospital as seamless as possible for our patients. Social work is not done in isolation and I require help from every department to make things go smoothly. We have an amazing team and I could not do my job without them! I love my coworkers here at CCHS!”

Originally from Des Moines, Megan is a city girl who met a local farm boy while at Iowa State University. “Adam is a farmer, so relocation is not really an option for him,” Megan joked. “I joined him in Griswold when we got married in 2015, and I have enjoyed the transition and appreciate the peacefulness of small town life.”

While at Iowa State, Megan completed a bachelor degree in Psychology and in Mathematics, and then went on to earn her Masters of Social Work at the University of Illinois.

Adam and Megan are huge cyclone fans who love to spend time with their rescue dog, Kane. Megan enjoys playing piano, reading, crafting, and is teaching herself how to quilt. Together, they love to ride bikes and explore trails around Iowa. “We also enjoy traveling around the country and are making our first trip across the pond this summer to spend two weeks in Germany,” said Megan.

When they return, Megan will jump right back into the fast-paced world of social work.

“I chose a career in social work because I want to make a difference. I want to work together with individuals who are facing hardship and create positive change,” said Megan. “Social work is not without its challenges; but at the end of the day, if I helped improve the quality of life of one individual, then that will be enough.”

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