Meet Your Neighbors: Julie Holmes



Meet Your Neighbors: Julie Holmes

A Vision of Happiness

Almost eight years ago, Julie Holmes spotted a great opportunity, and she went for it.
“I saw there was an opening at Eye Associates, and I knew Dr. Goergen, actually I knew most of the people who worked here, and I was interested in being part of their team,” said Julie. “I was worried because I didn’t know a lot about eye care.”

Although Julie first started without any experience in eye care, she was quick to learn the ropes. Julie received on-the-job training and completed her certification test successfully after six months of employment. She keeps current on her role as a certified paraoptometric through annual continuing education.

“I didn’t realize that there were so many eye diseases, treatments, and things that your eyes can tell you about your overall health,” said Julie. “There’s a lot you can learn about the health of your body, like cholesterol or diabetes, by examining the eyes.”

As staffing changes happened over the next few years, Julie’s previous experience working in business offices and accounting roles made it a natural fit for her to take on the bookkeeping role at Eye Associates, too.

Today, Julie works as both a certified paraoptometric and bookkeeper at Eye Associates. She works full-time, but gets to balance each week between direct patient care and bookkeeping duties.

“I like the variety,” said Julie. “I really enjoy working with patients and having interactions with them, but then I get a break from it to work on bookwork, statements, and insurance.”

Julie certainly likes her work – but what she loves most are the people she works with. “I just love them! They’re fun, and they’re very supportive. When my kids were younger, I was so bashful about asking to leave early for sports or school activities, but they always insisted that I leave to be there for my family. That meant a lot to me and my family,” said Julie.

The Eye Associates staff has become a family to her. And, when she joined Eye Associates, she literally joined her family at work. One of her sisters, Carol Garrett, works in Payroll, and Julie’s husband, Kelly, works as a Respiratory Therapist. Julie and Kelly have been married for 28 years this month, and they have three children: Jordan (26) Mackenzie (23), and Brendan (20).

Julie is so happy she saw that job posting and took a chance on a new career with Eye Associates. “I love who I work with, and I love what I do,” said Julie.

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