Preventing Cancer: The HPV Vaccine



Information Source: Iowa Department of Public Health

Preventing Cancer: The HPV Vaccine

Atlantic, IA – While most vaccine rates for Cass County are very high – the HPV vaccine is lagging behind with only about 42% of girls between ages 13 and 15, and 37% of boys ages 13 to 15, having received the full course of vaccines. During National Immunization Month, parents are urged to review their child’s immunization status and to talk with their medical providers about immunizations.

“Having their child vaccinated is one of the most important things a parent can do to protect their child’s health, but immunizations aren’t just for babies,” said Dr. Angela Weppler. “Preteens and teens still need vaccines. The HPV vaccine in particular is amazing because it prevents some forms of cancer, and what parent wouldn’t want that for their child?”

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