Diagnostic Imaging Receives Perfect Score Again!



Carrie Schmitt, Sarah Olsen, Mindi Macha, Stephanie Drogo, and Barb Lytle. (Not pictured: Jess Sandbothe)

Diagnostic Imaging Receives Perfect Score Again!

Cass County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that the Diagnostic Imaging Department recently received a perfect score on their Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) inspection, for the eighth consecutive year. The inspection was conducted by the Iowa Department of Public Health, making the inspection even more stringent as there are additional state requirements above and beyond the MQSA requirements.

The MQSA requires all mammography facilities across the nation to meet uniform quality standards. The MQSA ensures that all women have access to quality mammography for the detection of breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages. Under this law, all mammography facilities must be accredited by the FDA, be certified by the FDA as meeting the standards and undergo an annual MQSA inspection.

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