Brian Juhl, Radiologic Technologist



Brian Juhl

Brian Juhl, Radiologic Technologist

ATLANTIC – Each day at a hospital, it takes a team of professionals working together to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality health care. At each stage in a patient’s stay, many of these people are in the background, but their work is still vital.

Take for example, Brian Juhl, Radiologic Technologist in the Cass County Memorial Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department. Brian works in mainly in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), but also in CT scanning and X-ray.

“Our work is important because it helps our doctors diagnose the patient so that they receive the correct treatment,” said Brian. “MRI work is not easy. You’re always tuning things, and always adjusting to the patient. But I like that it’s always changing – I couldn’t work in a factory. This is challenging, and I like the atmosphere.”

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