CCHS Foundation's 2018 Campaign Announced



CCHS Foundation's 2018 Campaign Announced

ATLANTIC – The Cass County Health System Foundation announced their 2018 Campaign is to raise $250,000 for new endoscopy equipment for Cass County Memorial Hospital (CCMH).

CCMH uses endoscopy equipment for two common procedures: EGDs and colonoscopies. An endoscope is a tiny camera attached to a long, thin tube. Doctors use an endoscope to perform an EGD, which inspects a patient’s esophagus, stomach, and the first portion of the small intestine. The endoscope is also used to perform a colonoscopy, a procedure in which doctors examine the large intestine.

“Nearly half of our county’s population is age 50 or older, which means nearly half of this county should be having routine colonoscopies to screen for colon and rectal cancer,” said Dr. Chad McCance, General Surgeon. “This is equipment that will benefit thousands of patients across southwest Iowa.”

Starting routine colonoscopies at 50 is very important. More than half of the people diagnosed with these types of cancer have no symptoms, and often by the time symptoms appear, the disease is in more advanced stages. During a colonoscopy, if a doctor sees a suspicious polyp, the endoscopy equipment allows the doctor the ability to remove that polyp right then.

“We can literally stop the cancer before it has a chance to start,” said Dr. McCance.

According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 17,000 people in Iowa will be diagnosed with colorectal cancers this year, and about 6,400 will die from it. Iowans also have the second highest incidence rate of colorectal cancer, which means Iowans are more likely to develop these cancers than people in other states. Nationally, the incidence rates have also been increasing for every generation born since 1950.

Dr. McCance emphasized the importance of updating equipment and technology for patient care. “We know that colorectal cancers are on the rise. We know that routine screening can save lives. By keeping our equipment up-to-date and utilizing new technology, we have a better chance of detecting polyps at an earlier stage, which is so important in preventing cancer.”

For more information about the CCHS Foundation or 2018 Campaign, visit or call Dawn Marnin, Foundation Director, at 712-243-7409.

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