CCHS Foundation 2017 Campaign

The Cass County Health System Foundation is asking for your donation to our 2016 Foundation Campaign. Our goal is to raise $54,000 to purchase two critical pieces of patient care equipment, a new coagulation analyzer for the Laboratory and a ventilator for Respiratory Therapy.
As medical care advances, your hospital is committed to staying at the cutting edge of technology. We’re determined to be the best rural hospital in the country, and we won’t ever stop our pursuit of the best equipment, technology, and people. Your donation will be used to purchase two key pieces of equipment:
Coagulation Analyzer
If you’ve ever been on the medication Coumadin or Warfarin, this machine was working for you behind the scenes. The CCMH Laboratory performs more than 400 PT/INR tests each month (tests to measure how quickly your blood clots). Testing is also part of pre-op laboratory analysis to reduce the risks of unexpected bleeding during surgery. This important piece of equipment also detects blood clots so that patients can receive immediate life-saving care.
When the work of breathing is too much for a critically ill patient, interventions like a ventilator can mean life or death. Our 2016 Foundation Campaign funds will purchase a Dräger ventilator, which is especially versatile. It can be used on all patients—from newborns on up, and it can be used for both non-invasive and invasive therapy. It’s also very portable, making it easy to quickly transport to a patient in need.
For more information or to make your gift today, please contact the CCHS Foundation Director, Dawn Marnin, at 712-243-7409 or

Our 2017 Campaign is to purchase a 3D Mammography Unit for Cass County Memorial Hospital.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, and we all know someone who has been affected by it,” said Dawn Marnin, Foundation Director. “Having this new diagnostic tool available right here in Cass County will allow women to be diagnosed up to 15 months earlier. Early detection remains the key to the successful treatment of breast cancer, which makes this campaign so vital.”


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At a cost of $450,000, the 3D mammography technology is a big investment, and the Foundation is busy planning a direct mail campaign, employee and community campaigns, spring gala, and golf tournament – all aimed at helping raise the needed funds.

Once purchased, the 3D unit will completely replace the current equipment, and it will become the standard technology for all patients who receive an annual screening mammogram.

“This technology provides greater detail and visibility than previous units” said Carrie Schmitt, Director of Diagnostic Imaging.  “It not only provides earlier diagnosis, but it will reduce the number of call backs for additional imaging, which means less radiation exposure for those patients as well as much less stress.”

A 3D mammogram is conducted in a manner very similar to a traditional mammogram, with a technologist positioning the patient and taking images from different angles. The images produced from 3D Mammography provide a radiologist with greater visibility of breast tissue than ever before, allowing for a more thorough assessment of the results.

In recent studies, 3D mammograms not only were able to find cancers that remained undetected by traditional mammograms, but also were able to significantly reduce the number of false results – cutting back the number of callbacks for unnecessary additional screenings. Overall, 3D Mammography has shown a 41 percent increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers compared to traditional technology, and a reduction in reported false positives of up to 40 percent.

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For more information or to make your gift today, please contact the CCHS Foundation Director, Dawn Marnin, at 712-243-7409.